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Season one, first half
-In every season. Went under modifications after first half of season one.Then went under modifications after season one. The season 2, 4, and 5.
-Contestants had 1:00 to run from different stations, each containing different weapons to fire at a target above the gladiator. Meanwhile, the gladiator fired tennis balls 100 MPH at them via an air-gun. If the contender hit the bullseye the got 100 points. If they hit th outer part of the target they got 75 points. If it was a draw they got 30 points. If they get hit, or don't fire all the weapons without hitting the target before they run out of time (if they get all the weapons fired without hitting the target it's a draw) then they get no points. The main idea was DON'T GET HIT! It went like this:
-Padded Barrier (not pictured) with "rocket" launcher.
-Castle with cannon
-Sticks with "pistol"
-Barrels with 3 "grenades"



Breakthrough and Conquer
-In every seasons. Had point differenence in in different seasons, but no other changes.
-Contenders first ran with a footbal on a fifteen yard field trying to dodge the glad and make into into the endzone for forty points. They then had 10 seconds to get the glad out of a 15' circular wrestling ring, earning them forty points. If they accomplished both events, then they would get a bonus 20 points, making the total 100 points. (It was also 30, 30 bonus 40).


-The final event. The one with the most points one the hwole game and advanced. Every two seconds that they finished under 1 minute (1:15 for women) they would gain a point. If you were winning coming into it and you won it, you won the game. If you were losing you had to beat the winner, and YOU do the math for the points.
- First push a large medicine ball up a ramp, then cross a balance beam while gladiators swing 6 medicine balls attached to the cieling. They then have to cross the comando line (chain going over-head and under your feet), then swing over a wall. There is then bin running (running around a line of powerball canisters (see Powerball), and finally four paper doors block the finnish line, 3 of which have gladiators behind them.



Human Cannonball
-Was in seasons 1,2, and 4. Went through some modifications after season one, first half)
-Contenders swung on a rope from a platform into a glad on a platform holding a pad. Each contender got two swings. Each time you knocked of the glad you you got 50 points. After Malibu got injured, cotenders needed to tuck their legs in before impact.



-In every season of AG. Went under modifications after first half of season 1.
- A contender and a gladiator went head on head. They stood on opposite ends of a  bridge (didn't shake or turn. Solid metal), and hit each other with pugil sticks (GIANT q-tips) until one fell off. If the contender fell off, he got no points. If the glad fell off, the contender got 100 points. If it was a draw, the contender got 50 points. The event lasted 30 seconds.



-In every season of ag. Modified after first half of season one.
- 3 gladiators versus two contestants in a half circle ring with three scoring pods. Each score was worth 10 points. If you were tackled, lose the ball, or go out-of-bounds, you must drop the ball and go back to the ball container. Contestants had 60 seconds to score as many points as possible.


Season 1, Second half-
THE Wall'
Get up the wall before the gladiator pulls you down. Ten points for first one up, 5 for second.


Season 2
Get the atlasphere into the scoring pod for 2 points each time you do it.


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