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Female Gladiators


Lace (1989-1992)

Lace was the sex appeal for men on American Gladiators. Don't let her fool you though, she was still good at the games. She left in 1992 and a new lace appeared for a few episodes.


Zap (1989-1990, 1991-1995)

A real hard-hitter, Zap was the strongest out of the season one first-half females, and probably the best female american gladiator of all time. She left in 90 to give birth to her baby, but returned in 91, and she remainded until 95, where she was a competitor vs. another female gladiator, Dallas, on the last show for both of them. After American Gladiators she posed for an issue of playboy.


Sunny (1989)

Sunny was a soft-spoken yet hard-hitting gladiator. She always had a smile on and never talked trash. She was a good role-model and an all-american girl. Like Malibu, she was injured in the first half of season one and never returned to the American Gladiators tv show.

Male Gladiators


Malibu (1989)

Malibu was a very cocky gladiator... Too bad he wasn't good at the games. He spent too much time on his hair. He got injured during the first half of AG season 1 and never returned to the TV show.


Gemini (1989-1992)

Gemini was depicted as two-sided, smilling one moment and destroying contestants the next. In the first half of season one, he and Billy Wirth got into an infamous fight during powerball. Gemini lasted through the seasons as a rough and togh gladiator, until he decided to retire in 1992 (he was one of the show's oldest gladiators).


Nitro (1989-1992, 1994-1995, 1996 as host)

Nitro was a fierce gladiator with no mercy. He did whatever he had to to get the job done. He was cocky like Malibu, except Nitro could back it up. He was injured in 92, returned in 94, and became the co-host of the show's final season in 96.


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